Carlos da Silva

Brazil, Rio de Janeiro 
Czech Republic, Praha 
Brazilian Zouk Samba de Gafieira Bolero 
Доп. сведения
Teacher, Organizer 

Carlos started dancing 20 years ago the following dance styles Brazilian Funk, Samba de Gafiera, Bolero and the swinging Foxtrot. After many dance performances and experiences, I decided to expand my repertoire also with salsa and bachata.

He had an opportunity to move to the Czech Republic and introduce Brazilian culture here in Prague in 2006. Together with Sofie Toris we opened the first ever Brazilian dance studio and began teaching Zouk, Samba de Gafiera, carnival samba, salsa, Bolero, Tango and many other dynamic and passionate Brazilian dances.

Ever since 2010, I organize the Prague Zouk Congress that is attended by more and more fans of Brazilian culture from around the world annually. Each year, more than 600 dance enthusiasts dedicate the whole week to zouk and samba.

Carlos opened a new dance studio, which he was attended by more than 150 returning students in 2012. To maintain the highest quality, I employed three dance assistants.

In addition to teaching in his own studio he travel to affiliated dance congresses around the world as a lecturer and performer. I visit approx 14 world dance congresses each year.

I was given an opportunity to participate in a worldwide tour Brazouka at the beginning of 2014. I finished the tour in December 2014