Amsterdam ZNL Zouk Festival Official 2019


Welcome to the Event of your Dreams
Where Music and Dance Meet for Real
Because We Love More When We Know Better

All the information about the AZZF 2019 coming soon
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> Ruanita Santos & Vitor Trivilin (Brazil/NL)
> Val & Vanessa (Brazil)
> Daniel & Leticia (Spain)
> Mafie Zouker & Anna Russa (Brazil /Russia)
> Freddy & Andressa (Brazil/Helsinki)
> Olaya & Papagaio (Spain/ Brazil )
> China (Brazil)
>Dadinho & Nathalia Bocati (Brazil)
>William & Paloma ( Spain/Brazil)
> Leo Chaffe & Thayná Trovick( Brazil/ Portugal)
> Renato Veronezi & Bea Melody (Brazil/ Poland)
> Rafael Latiff & Sepideh( Brazil / Austria)
& more to be confirmed .

DJ Allan Z (Brazil)
DJ Paulo Mak ( Brazil)
DJ Mafie zouker (Brazil)
DJ kakah (Brazil)
DJ Shing (NL)
DJ Remon (NL)

> PREMIUM full-pass €250
( 21st-26th August 2019)

## The prices will increase on the 1st of August
*****VibeLatina students have a 20% discount on any of the passes.####
## Contact the guest teachers or one of our ambassadors for discounts.


>Bank transfer: IBAN:NL82RABO0316940356 BIC/SWIFT : RABONL2U (if you need to 11 the bic numer with the 11 tokens just add XXX after the bic number above ) - account holder: Vibe Latina by Ruanita Santos

PLEASE NOTE: If you are purchasing your ticket using bank transfer or PayPal make sure to identify your ticket type, complete name and email for future contacts, the confirmation of payment of the method used ( bank or Paypal) give you the excess to the event, you can present it with a document with photo at the reception desk.
You will only get an email from the organization if there s anything mistaken on your purchase like the price paid it's not equivalent of the ticket type you described or any doubt on the ticket type, etc. Remember the purchase will be considered valid and give access to the festival when the correct amounts are transferred to our bank account. So please check your spam box too. If you do not get an e-mail from the organization it means its all good with your purchase. If you still want to receive one specific Amsterdam ZNL Zouk Festival Ticket contacts us.

> website:

>After confirming your payment(s), there is/are no refund(s). You may completely transfer your place in the Festival in cases of illness/injury.
>Your access to the Festival will be accepted only after the confirmation of the payment;
>In case of any questions, don’t hesitate in sending us a message! We’ll make anything possible to help you to be part of it!
>If you buy using the PayPal link or Bank transfers make sure you use the code AZZF19-BEBdc( Blind Early Bird Full Premium), specifying the ticket type you are buying in the comments box with your complete name and e-mail for future contacts, please make sure you are transferring the correct amount of the pass, only then, the registration will be valid. In case of mistakes on your transaction, the organization of the event will make contact with you via e-mail. If you do not receive any e-mail you can consider successful your registration and bring the PayPal/ Bank transfer confirmation at the reception desk with a document with photo. Your name will be on the list.
> Using group discounts, promo codes? Make sure you fill in correctly the codes using one of the links on the website.
Any questions need more information, please contact us at
Ps: All your personal data it's only being used to subjects related to the festival and will not be posted, shared or passed forward, in any case, unless authorized by you in writing.

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