ZDC with Anderson & Brenda Chapter 1, 2022

After completing a great week-long program with Anderson and Brenda, we all have noticed that there is so much more to talk about. We wanted to spend more time on each essential topic and have more time to study and practice together. So, the first ZDC Series was born!
This is a great opportunity to learn from Anderson & Brenda all about their technique and secrets in building it. We will get the chance to deep dive into every single topic. It will be transformational. This program has everything you need to enhance your dance; a family-like atmosphere, structured training, great teachers, a beautiful hotel with delicious food, amazing people to learn together, and all of these in one place! Beware! You might not want to come back 🙃
Zouk Dance Camp with Anderson & Brenda is the most complete training you can experience and this is how it looks like.
** 5 Weeks | 5 Chapters | 5 Main Topics **
Chapter 0: Brazilian Zouk Foundation
Chapter 1: Grounding
Chapter 2: Flow
Chapter 3: Lead & Follow
Chapter 4: Building Your Dance
In every chapter, all of the topics above will be covered and each will have a focus on the main topic. This means you will learn the main topic in detail and train for 3 whole days. There will be enough time to practice and master the main topic and still learn how it works with the others. Each of the non-main topics will have one day dedicated to it. This will let everyone get a full overview of the #Brenderson Technique.
You will get the most benefit and enhanced knowledge if you attend all of the chapters. But having all topics covered in each chapter lets you also choose the topics you are more interested in.
This is not going to be an easy one. You will need to challenge yourselves every day and will transform your dance beyond limits. It will be really challenging. That is why there will be a half-day special activity that will be organized by us where you can have fun, relax and bond with each other.
Mark your calendars, start planning, and get ready for this amazing opportunity with Brenda and Anderson in Poland!! 😍
Check out 8-17 April 2022 Chapter 1 [Grounding] https://www.facebook.com/events/421828078425318/
Check out 24 June - 3 July 2022 Chapter 0 [Brazilian Zouk Foundations]
Check out 7-16 October 2022 Chapter 2 [Flow]
Get ready to unlock your full potential! 🙃
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