10:46 19 ноя 2022 Ekaterina (7548)

demo, Holland Zouk on Fire 2022

Gilson Damasco & Mailys WestphalBruna Sousa & Felipe Garcia Leandro Nascimento & Nayara Celestini & Pedrinho
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Amsterdam Zouk Vibes is devoted to Brazilian Zouk and passionate about all that evolved in its universe. We're very dedicated to growing the quality of our Brazilian Zouk community by highlighting all the concepts and styles within Brazilian Zouk...
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Zouk Community Birthday, 2021, Екатеринбург

Нам 6 лет! Мы совсем взрослые, а значит и день рождения у нас будет по-взрослому.В программе: 6 часов мастер-классов от преподавателей...
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Amsterdam ZNL Zouk Festival 2020

-> WELCOME TO THE EVENT OF YOUR DREAMS# BECAUSE WE LOVE MORE WHEN WE KNOW BETTER Holland's unique cultural-educational Brazilian Zouk festival. An event that provides a unique combination of theory and practice about dance (Brazilian Zouk )and...
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demos, Prague Zouk Congress 2018

Kadu and Larissa Carlos and Anastasia Paulo Esteves and Michele Carvalho William Teixeira and Paloma Alves Carlos and Fernanda Walter and Cacau Marcelo and Dana Felipe Garcia and Erica Tintel
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19:41 24 фев 2018 ProZouk (1700)

demo, Spring Zouk Fest 2018

Andrey Antonov and Gulnara Yudintseva Walter Fernandes and Tais Benite - Samba Felipe Garcia and Erica Tintel - Samba Walter Fernandes and Gulnara Yudintseva Yury Ovchinnikov & Taty Pinarina - Samba
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Canada Zouk Congress 2020

Tickets sold out - Waitlist and volunteer opportunities available at www.canadazouk.com Newcomer tickets for beginner Zouk dancers will be available in January! HIGHLIGHTS- 5 nights of social dancing from Wednesday to Sunday (plus extended hours...
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19:32 24 фев 2018 ProZouk (1700)

Spring Zouk Fest 2018 - Teachers Presentation

Andrey Antonov & Gulnara Udinceva Yury Ovchinnikov & Taty Pinarina Walter Fernandes & Tais Benite Felipe Garcia & Erica Tintel Anderson Mendes & Brenda Carvalho
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