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Amsterdam ZNL Zouk Festival 2020

-> WELCOME TO THE EVENT OF YOUR DREAMS# BECAUSE WE LOVE MORE WHEN WE KNOW BETTER Holland's unique cultural-educational Brazilian Zouk festival. An event that provides a unique combination of theory and practice about dance (Brazilian Zouk )and...
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20:40 28 сен 2020 Ekaterina (5863)
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Cologne Zouk Festival 2020

SAVE THE DATE We are happy to announce our Cologne Zouk Festival 2020 - German Open Championship The only official Brazilian Zouk Dance Council Jack and Jill event in Germany! ********************************************************Our amazing...
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Unter Käster 1, 50667 Köln, Германия
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09:18 2 май 2020 Ekaterina (5863)
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Zouk festival Aarhus 2020

In spring 2020 Salsaclave will arrange ZOUK FESTIVAL! This means zouk workshops and party`s with some of the hottest instructors in the world! This time the names are: From 4 different places in the world:• Kadu Pires (Spain/Brazil)• Larissa...
Место проведения:
Aarhus, Дания
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14:23 1 мар 2020 Ekaterina (5863)
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Deep Dive into Soulzouk Weekend & Kris's Birthday 2020

Dear friends! We would like to invite you all for this great opportunity - a weekend dedicated to the art of SoulZouk. Let’s dive into this together and experience softness, connection and magic guided by Kris Leczek and Aleksandra Kowalczyk...
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