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Wiosenne Soulzoukowanie 2021

We would like to kindly invite you to our intensive Soulzouk workshops. Soulzouk is the methodology of Brazilian Zouk learning that conquers the entire Zouk world. Thanks to these 10 hours of workshops, you will learn how to lead each partner and...
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Amsterdam ZNL Zouk Festival 2020

-> WELCOME TO THE EVENT OF YOUR DREAMS# BECAUSE WE LOVE MORE WHEN WE KNOW BETTER Holland's unique cultural-educational Brazilian Zouk festival. An event that provides a unique combination of theory and practice about dance (Brazilian Zouk )and...
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Deep Dive into Soulzouk Weekend & Kris's Birthday 2020

Dear friends! We would like to invite you all for this great opportunity - a weekend dedicated to the art of SoulZouk. Let’s dive into this together and experience softness, connection and magic guided by Kris Leczek and Aleksandra Kowalczyk...
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Zoukdreams Holland Weekend 2019

The 3rd edition of Zoukdreams Holland Weekend will be amazing! Special international teachers Gab & Sabrina from DBAC (dance school of Alex de Carvalho) will be travelling from Paris for the Zoukdreams weekend. We organise 3 extraordinary Zouk...
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10:46 19 ноя 2022 Ekaterina (7548)

demo, Holland Zouk on Fire 2022

Gilson Damasco & Mailys WestphalBruna Sousa & Felipe Garcia Leandro Nascimento & Nayara Celestini & Pedrinho
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10:35 19 ноя 2022 Ekaterina (7548)

demo, Holland Zouk on Fire 2022

Iago Hassuike & Vanessa Meirelles Matheus Franco & Nina Darbello
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