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ZoukMX 2021

Two week end of summer to kick-off the return of Zouk. Open air classes and open air socials. Very limited size group for a family style training, exploring and beach fun for a magical return. Remote work friendly hours for classes. Covid...
Место проведения:
Playa del Carmen, Q.R., Мексика
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18:00 23 сен 2019 Ekaterina (7113)
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23:10 28 авг 2019 Ekaterina (7113)
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Wiosenne Soulzoukowanie 2021

We would like to kindly invite you to our intensive Soulzouk workshops. Soulzouk is the methodology of Brazilian Zouk learning that conquers the entire Zouk world. Thanks to these 10 hours of workshops, you will learn how to lead each partner and...
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10:55 23 дек 2018 Ekaterina (7113)

demo, Ramalho's Zouk congress, Rio de Janeiro 2018

Manu & Cacau Renata & Jorge Walter & Hannah Rachel & Renato Ramalho
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Zouk Retreat Freiburg April 2020

Attention pleaseDue to high demand, the last few follower tickets are only available by invitation. If you are interested, contact us via FB-messenger (Zoukarium) or email (zoukarium@gmail.com) and we are going to do everything for you, that you...
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Cologne Zouk Festival 2020

SAVE THE DATE We are happy to announce our Cologne Zouk Festival 2020 - German Open Championship The only official Brazilian Zouk Dance Council Jack and Jill event in Germany! ********************************************************Our amazing...
Место проведения:
Unter Käster 1, 50667 Köln, Германия
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17:44 1 ноя 2016 ProZouk (1700)

demo, Dutch International Zouk Congress 2016

Renata Peçanha and Jorge Peres from Rio de Janeiro, Brasil : this was their demo after their zouk workshop on boneca choreography class (intermediate level) at the 5th edition of the Dutch International Zouk Congress in Etten-Leur, Netherlands on...
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